All Hands On Deck At Parc Y Scarlets

‘The perfect unit’ for the client can often prove to be ‘the not-so perfect unit’ in regards to its logistics.  One recent example which we knew would be a challenging installation was completed last week for Parc Y Scarlets – the home of the Scarlets and Llanelli RFC.  They placed an order for a 20 Grid Electric Rational Combination Oven – notably the versatile kitchen assistant every chef working on large corporate functions has dreamed of.  However, without the option of a lift and two flights of stairs to tackle this could have been a nightmare.  That said, our dedicated team of installers and engineers took on the challenge.  They carried and manoeuvred the unit unassisted up the stairs and it arrived in its final resting place in one piece and the only thing to break was a sweat!  A job well done by the team.